Contoocook, NH winter scene covered bridge

None of our neighbors should have to choose between purchasing medicine, buying sufficient food, or keeping their aging parents, or their children warm.

It is incumbent upon all of us to care for those who need our help.

Thank you to all the businesses and civic groups for stepping forward to support the mission of fuel assistance.

(Please join these kind donors. New gifts welcomed.)

  • Advantage Signs, Inc.
  • Alternative Care Home, LLC
  • Ayer & Goss
  • Cilley Veterinary Clinic
  • Cowan & Zellers
  • Dimitri's Pizza and Restaurant
  • Excalibur Shelving Systems, Inc.
  • Foster Materials, Inc.
  • Henniker Sand & Gravel, Inc.
  • Hopkinton Forestry & Land Clearing, Inc.
  • Hopkinton Lions Club
  • Hopkinton Woman's Club
  • H.R. Clough, Inc.
  • June Wallace Bookkeeping Service
  • Knoxland Equipment
  • Marklin Candle Co.
  • Merrimack County Savings Bank
  • Metzger/McGuire
  • MicroDAQ
  • Peregrine Design
  • Richard Schoch Plumbing & Heating
  • Storms Fitness
  • StoneFalls Gardens
  • Stockwell Physical Therapy
  • The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Co.
  • The Every Day Café
  • The Yard Fixer
  • YBP Library Services
  • Weaver Brothers Construction Co., Inc.
  • Yestramski Electrical Services, Inc.

Thank you to all our friends for giving support to their neighbors.

(Please join these kind donors. New gifts welcomed.)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Edith Allison
  • Sherry Andrews
  • Thomas & Roxanne Benzel
  • L.R. Berger
  • Thomas & Karen Berry
  • Jeannette V. Blanchette
  • Craig Bland
  • Reverend Kenneth Boyle
  • Fred & Rebecca Briccetti
  • Tim & Jane Britain
  • William & Nancy Brown
  • Louisa Burgette
  • Paul & Elizabeth Carey
  • Katherine Carr
  • Colleen F. Catallo
  • Bruce & Betty Cayer
  • Rob & Ann Chehade
  • Sabrina Dunlap & Robert Childs
  • First Congregational Church
  • Davis & Sandra Clark
  • Nancy Clark
  • Jonathan & Diane Clarner
  • Anthony & Marilyn Clough
  • Contoocook NH VFW Post 11490
  • Mitchell Simon & Susan Covert
  • Richard & Diane Crichton
  • Alan & Susan Davis
  • George & Janet DeVito
  • Jeff & Kathleen Donohoe
  • Donald Drescher
  • David & Karen Dufault
  • Lynn Durand & Jane Sullivan-Durand
  • John & Elizabeth Durant
  • Carol Duston
  • Bruce & Gail Ellsworth
  • Ronald Emery
  • Douglas & Rebecca Ewing
  • David & Lori Feller
  • Michael & Barbara Foley
  • Varel Freeman
  • Jack & Virginia Friberg
  • Alexis L.H. Garcia
  • Gordon & Judith Gavron
  • Nick & Loren Gebo
  • Elizabeth Gilmore
  • Deirdre Gilroy
  • Risa Evans & Joseph Girard
  • Marie B. Gouin
  • Donald Greenwood
  • Elizabeth Hall
  • John Hamilton & Krista Helmboldt
  • Thomas & Peggy Herbert
  • Richard & Shirley Hesse
  • Robert Thomson & Lucy Hodder
  • Roland Dubois & Carol Hooper
  • Garrett & Christine Hoyt
  • Greg & Lynn Hughan
  • Laura Jennings
  • Irene Johnson
  • William & Melissa Jones
  • Ann B. Junkin
  • Josh & Anya Kattef
  • Edward & Madelon Kaplan
  • Cleveland Kapala & Lucia Kittredge
  • Walter & Dorothy Kirsch
  • Mark & Heidi Knipe
  • Lynn Koontz
  • Robert & Jane Lapree
  • Chris & Susan Lawless
  • Peter & Deborah Lemiska
  • Rayton Linden
  • John & Janet Liptak
  • James & Elaine Loft
  • Ruth Fischer & Richard Lugg
  • John & Cynthia Madden
  • Paul & Marie Martell
  • James & Amy Martin
  • Sandra Martin
  • Joel Mayer
  • Scott & Karen Mayo
  • Carol McCann
  • John & Deborah McDevitt
  • Kathleen McGuire
  • Scott & Lisa Metzer
  • Joel Meyer
  • Joseph & Suzanne Meyer
  • Derk & Heather Mitchell
  • Robert & Amy Mitchell
  • Sue Mitchell
  • Lowell & Deborah Monroe
  • Daniel & Laura Morgan
  • Peter & Mary Mosseau
  • Richard Murphy & Beth Moore
  • Pamela Mueller
  • James & Jennifer Mullins
  • Bradford & Jacqueline Myrick
  • Susan O'Donnell
  • David & Ann Okeeffe
  • Dean & Elisa Owens
  • Lawrence & Marilyn Patz
  • Chris & Suellen Peluso
  • Donald & Gail Piatt
  • Laszlo & Jane Potyondy
  • Brian & Alicia Presti
  • Anthony & Shirley Quinn
  • Nancy Raymond
  • Linden Rayton
  • Philip Reeder
  • John & Mary Reidy
  • Meghan & Jody Reynolds
  • Ari Richter
  • Molly Richter
  • William & Adrienne Russell
  • St. Andrews Episcopal Church
  • Cynthia A, Salisbury
  • Paul & Beverly Sanborn
  • Kenneth & Suzanne Sauer
  • Jeffry & Carol Schapira
  • Bryan Pellerin & Jessica Scheinman
  • Joel & Janea Sherman
  • James & Iris Sindelar
  • Thomas & Myra Slocum
  • Margaret Snyder
  • Alan & Susan Sorensen
  • Donna Dunlop & Philip Spahr
  • Mary Leadbeater & Michael Strack
  • Paul & Joanne Steinberg
  • Gregory & Kathryn Thesing
  • Lucy Hodder & Rob Thomson
  • Stephen & Laura Tobin
  • Marilyn S. Wallace
  • Michael & Janet Ward
  • Robert L. Ward
  • Don & Susan Ware
  • Elizabeth Merriam & Frank Weeks
  • Bob & Binnie Wells
  • James Wheat
  • John Wengler
  • Richard Wennerberg
  • Lisa White
  • William Wiley
  • Benjamin & Lucy Wilson
  • Robert & Jill Wilson
  • Mary Wirth
  • Patricia Wonson
  • Paul Wunderlich
  • The Yianakopolos Family
  • Mark & Susan Zankel
  • Julie Voisin & Daniel Zapton

Considering A Donation?

Please consider joining our businesses and civic groups and families with your tax-deductable donation.

Thank You to All Our Neighbors
during this 2018-2019 Winter Season

We would like to thank you for your tax-deductible donations, your wood contributions, your volunteerism, and sharing our passion to help bring some measure of warmth to many who could become overwhelmed during our winter months. All of us know friends or relatives faced with unforeseen crises or events that turn their lives upside down. Additionally, keeping a loved one, an invalid family member, our children, ourselves and our pets minimally warm, both day and night during our brutal winter weather, can discourage even the most self-reliant.

We are all so fortunate to live in this small New Hampshire town. You, and so many friends, know that the warmth you provide for your neighbors today, will surely return ten-fold to you in the future. Our Fund will also work with our churches, our Town’s Human Services Fuel Assistance Program and other organizations to wrap everyone in our warm, community quilt.

Thank you again for your kindness!

Giving & Receiving…

…are flip sides of the same coin. At any moment, any one of us could need help from a neighbor who we’ve just befriended. The Contoocook Carry Community Fund is only able to help our neighbors because of the exceptional generosity of this community, both with hands-on donations and with financial gifts. Over these many years, donations have enabled the Contoocook Carry Fund to assist many with a winter boost of oil, propane, kerosene, cordwood, electricity and wood pellets.

Contoocook, NH winter scene covered bridge
Wood CuttingWood Cutting

We are also proud and astonished at the number of men, women and youngsters (and a few dogs), who in November join us at the Sean Powers Wood Bank to prepare the wood donations for deliveries into the community.

Additionally, neighbors work hard that day creating stacks of cordwood to be accessed by anyone who might need some emergency wood to keep themselves and their family warm throughout the bitterest winter weather.

Again, any of us could need a boost, at any time. Many who have received wood in the past, come out in November to prepare the cords which will help other friends and neighbors.

Others in the community, in keeping an eye out for their neighbors, know who might need some help cutting, splitting or stacking wood. That neighborly eye also notices, in the coldest weather, whose chimney has no evidence of smoke….and steps in to leave a bundle.

This is Truly an Amazing Community.

Contoocook Carry raceYoung boy helping carry wood

To Receive…

…a needed boost of fuel, or specifically, some firewood, call Mary at 568-2783 or if you feel more comfortable, you can call Hopkinton’s Human Services or any of our five churches.

How can you help?

If you have some hardwood to donate….try to get the logs to lengths that can be thrown into the back of a pickup and ultimately taken to the wood bank. They do not need to be prepared for firewood lengths. For questions, call Mary at 568-2783.

Join us and help prepare some firewood for our neighbors on Volunteer Day at the Sean Powers Wood Bank on November 17th, starting at 9am. Needed: trucks, splitters, and volunteers. You can see more at

Keep a watchful eye out in your general neighborhood for those elderly, medically challenged or caregivers who are overburdened or overwhelmed. Is there smoke coming out of their chimney? Is there a path cleared from their door to their vehicle? Do they need an errand run? Are they able to stay warm in their house?

If you can lay hands on some sneakers, a paddle, and a bike with tires…come on out to the 17th Annual Contoocook Carry Triathlon on September 8th, 2018 at 1:30pm. Children, families, teens and singles – fun for everyone with all proceeds going to the Contoocook Carry Community Fund. Costumes and animals are welcome! See for information and registration.

Thank you to All….for the Many Ways of Giving to Friends and Neighbors.