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Our little community is so special, even for all of New Hampshire. In the New England-led tradition, our families teach their children by doing.

If a neighbor is elderly, or medically has trouble getting around, then someone just steps forth to shovel a walkway, sand some steps, or plow a driveway.

If a neighbor is exhausted from day-in and day-out caring for a loved one, then someone steps forward to run errands, or get groceries or walk pets.

If a neighbor’s pipes break, causing flooding in the house, you loan a sump pump if you can, if not offer them shelter.


About 12 years ago when friends found it almost impossible to keep up with rising costs of fuel, the Contoocook Carry Fund, through its Triathlon (www.contoocookcarry.org) and generous donations from residents and businesses was able to give oil, propane, kerosene and wood.

To supplement this effort,  the Congoran family also started the Sean Powers Wood Bank in 2008 (www.woodforwarmth.org). Since its inception,  each November great numbers of men, women and youngsters just magically appear to cut, split and stack firewood for their neighbors for emergencies.   Others come with trucks to take the wood  out to many in the community , giving them a head start in facing the harsh conditions of our New Hampshire winters.

That day (first Saturday after Veterans Day) will always remain a blessing, as much for those who are involved with the preparation and giving of the wood, as it is for those who are the happy recipients.

Our Volunteer Board Members

Tom Congoran, President
Chris Lawless, Treasurer
Joyce Rose, Secretary
Gayle Kimball
Amy Metcalf
Heather Mitchell
Pete Mosseau

Mary Congoran, Director of Activities

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